e.DO Events

Sit back, relax and savor the magic of robotics.

Discover how Robotics can be entertaining, interesting and fun. Send your audience a message from the near future.

Whether the need is to showcase the possibilities of Robotics with a short demo or to animate a company meeting, make a graduation ceremony more lively or just raise a WOW! in the audience, e.DO Events provides an entertaining learning and discovery experience built around innovative robotic technology.

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With e.DO Events, customers receive one or more e.DO robots, at the location of their choice, together with a certified facilitation team trained to run the session and turn it into a great success. With e.DO Events, different audiences can get a feel for Robotics with tasks, exercises, challenges and functions, which are run by a certified facilitation team.

Designed to support short demos that raise curiosity, as well as longer structured sessions with large audiences, e.DO Events can be run in virtually any location – from company headquarters or convention spaces to leisure resorts, theme parks and recreation halls – as innovative way to animate meetings, social and promotional events, conventions, ceremonies, roadshows and laboratories.

Below are some examples of e.DO Events possibilities:


1 day

Through the e.DO Plant business game, several teams compete to achieve a common goal that requires cooperation, communication skills, information mapping, problem solving, resource optimization and time management.


1/2 days

As a part of a Family day, a fully equipped e.DO booth amazes parents and kids by showing the movements and functionalities of a robot.


2 hours

At a convention, delegates have the chance to drive e.DO in running basic tasks and movements, experiencing the power of Industry 4.0.


2 hours

During a graduation ceremony, the chance to play with e.DO becomes a reward to deserving students as an appealing jump into the future of technology.