e.DO Cube is a digital robot for distance learning.

It is the “Digital Twin” of e.DO, and allows students and teachers to follow online the same learning paths that can be completed using the physical robot. 

What can you do with e.DO Cube? Transform the virtual into reality!

e.DO Cube is a digital device that uses the same hardware and software as the e.DO robot.
Once connected to a PC or tablet via the USB port, it displays on screen a virtual robot in Cartesian space. This virtual robot can be instructed to move, pick or place objects and perform the same tasks as the real e.DO robot

Programmed and operated on the digital platform, e.DO Cube helps the learning and teaching (even remote) of STEM subjects, robotics and coding. Using e.DO Cube, students and teachers can enjoy the same information sharing and work group interaction as in practical classroom lessons.

Thanks to innovative educational tools designed by Comau, e.DO Cube makes education and training projects of all kinds more stimulating and effective

Want to try e.DO Cube for education and training?

Discover the educational possibilities that e.DO offers you thanks to innovative and engaging tools designed for students, teachers and families.


Tools, educational programs and technical laboratories, integrated with the e.DO Experience to guide and accompany both teachers and students in the learning paths with e.DO Robot and e.DO Cube.

e.DO Cube is the result of Comau’s vast experience in the design of innovative digital solutions, combined with advanced interfaces and software developed to reproduce e.DO didactic experiences online.


  • e.DO Cube uses the same hardware and software as a real e.DO robot.
  • It dialogues with a PC or tablet over a Wi-FI or Ethernet network thanks to a dedicated platform.
  • The system is based on two applications: e.DO App 3.1.0, the same user interface that controls a physical e.DO robot, and e.DO Virtual App, which displays and moves e.DO Cube in virtual space.
  • e.DO Cube allows students to work in a virtual environment, sharing information and projects with teachers and companions.
  • Teachers can therefore receive and mark students’ work assignments and test their knowledge online using the e.DO Cube just as they would in class with a real e.DO robot.