e.DO Cube is the new technological device for education developed by Comau. This device allows teachers and students to teach and learn with a completely new didactical approach.
e.DO Cube is the Digital Twin of e.DO Robot, an anthropomorphic manipulator used for Learning By Doing Experience.



Your students will be able to learn Robotics, Coding, Math and other curricular courses having fun. They will focus their attention in solving exercises with an industrial-like robot understanding all the key concepts of Automation and Robotics that are more and more appreciated in the working life.

The Hardware is based on the brain of e.DO, a Raspberry PI including all the OpenSource code and the kinematics libraries developed by Comau.
The User Interface is composed by two intuitive Applications that will enhance you to control and visualize the e.DO Robot on your laptop or tablet. (Windows/MacOS/Android).


Live, Blended and Remote Lessons using one e.DO Cube per student.

It has never been so easy to verify the knowledge acquired by the students.
Export and import programs and didactical environments, Send the programs to the teacher and verify your knowledge about Robotics, Math, Coding and other subjects on the real or virtual e.DO

  • Live in your classrom
  • Blended with some students at home and the others in presence
  • Remote connected with Video conference rooms


Degrees of Freedom: 6
Potential Applications: Automated sorting and movement of objects; Automated household and office tasks; Lifting, moving and manipulation activities.

Here’s an overview of everything that comes standard with the e.DO 6-axis articulated robot:*

• 1 e.DO Cube BOX

• Ethernet and USB Cables

• Fully integrated Raspberry Pi motherboard (Raspbian Jessie 8.0)

• Integrated SD Memory card with pre-installed ISO and e.DO Control Logic

• Wireless connectivity

• Get started manual

Visit the e.DO EXPERIENCE platform to find out more about all the potential of a new way of teaching and learning.

* e.DO Cube does not come with a tablet and/or a PC computer.