e.DO’s open-source hardware and software platform together with a 1kg payload let it do amazing things. Be part of the growing e.DO community and help e.DO become even better.



The 6-axis articulated robot features a total of 6 articulated axes that interface and communicate between themselves in a modular and independent manner.

Each motorized unit has an autonomous mechanical and electronic control that can be configured as needed by the operator, allowing e.DO to pick up, move, manipulate and rotate parts as needed to accomplish the desired task.

Degrees of Freedom: 6

Potential Applications: Automated sorting and movement of objects; Automated household and office tasks; Lifting, moving and manipulation activities.

Here’s an overview of everything that comes standard with the e.DO 6-axis articulated robot:*

  • 1 hexagon reinforced plastic/fiberglass base
  • 3 big motion units (max speed 38 deg/s, static torque 17.9Nm)
  • 3 small motion units (max speed 56 deg/s, static torque 2.75Nm)
  • 4 big plastic brackets and 2 small plastic brackets
  • 1 big bracket-to-small motion unit adapter
  • 1 big bracket-to-big bracket adapter
  • 1 base adapter
  • Cables
  • Universal external power source with 12V power adapter
  • Fully integrated Raspberry Pi motherboard (Raspbian Jessie 8.0)
  • Integrated SD Memory card with pre-installed ISO and e.DO Control Logic
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Get started manual

* e.DO does not come with a tablet and/or a PC computer.

A robot with all the right numbers

Number of axes 6
Max Payload 1 kg
Max Reach 478 mm
Stroke Speed
Axis 1 +/- 180 deg 22.8 deg/s
Axis 2 +/- 99 deg 22.8 deg/s
Axis 3 +/- 99 deg 22.8 deg/s
Axis 4 +/- 180 deg 33.6 deg/s
Axis 5 +/- 104 deg 33.6 deg/s
Axis 6 +/- 180 deg 33.6 deg/s
Total Weight 11.1 kg
Robot arm Weight 5.4 kg
Structure Material Ixef 1022



Hexagon Base

Made of reinforced composite plastic and fiberglass, the resilient base unit is designed to ensure full stability for e.DO while housing its integrated open-source hardware and software platforms.

Inside the sleek hexagon case, the Raspberry Pi motherboard runs the latest version ROS, while the SD memory card is loaded with pre-installed e.DO Control Logic, Infratask and the ISO. In other words, everything is pre-loaded and ready to run e.DO.

Ethernet and wireless connectivity are also standard… so what are you waiting for?
Build your robot, plug in the base and start making robotics.

Dimensions: X = 533 mm – Y = 465 mm – Z = 135 mm

Weight: 5.65 kg

Materials: Composite plastic reinforced with fiberglass


  • 1 external USB port
  • 1 RJ45 Ethernet
  • 1 DSub-9 Serial Port

Power source: Universal external power source with 12V power adapter

Motherboard: Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Jessie

ROS: Kinetic Kame

Control Logic: Proprietary open-source e.DO Control Logic native ROS

Additional Features: External emergency stop button


Each fully-assembled DC motor comes equipped with an integrated circuit board that allows it to be programmed independently using the external control system or, for advanced users, directly within the robot itself. The large-format motion unit delivers 20Nm of torque at a maximum speed of 38 degrees per second. What’s more, it can be tilted in virtually any direction, as required by the programmed application.


Like the large-format version, this fully-assembled DC motor can be programmed independently using the external control system thanks to its integrated circuit board. As desired, advanced users can program the motion units directly. The small-format motion unit delivers 3.16Nm of torque at a maximum speed of 56 degrees per second.

Big Small
Max Speed [deg/s] 38 56
Static Torque [Nm] 17.9 2.75
Max Torque [Nm] 20 3.16
Tilting Moment [Nm] 20 4.7
Weight [kg] 0.88 0.42
Lenght [mm] 114 90
Diameter [mm] 85 70

Power: 12V DC, Max DC Current: 3.5
PCB: Full native ROS, fully integrated
Cables: Not Included


The highly-resistant plastic composite support structure is designed to house and protect e.DO’s motion units while offering a stable connection between one axis and another. The Made-in-Italy design combines form and function, allowing users to construct and configure e.DO by mixing and matching its modular parts.

Dimensions Big: X = 137 mm – Y = 91 mm – Z = 151 mm

Dimensions Small: X = 118 mm – Y = 76 mm – Z = 138 mm

Weight Big: 0.26 kg

Weight Small: 0.19 kg

Materials: composite plastic

Color: white and black

Covers: 2 plastic ventilation covers are included


Made of highly-resistant composite plastic, the big bracket-to-big bracket adapter allows you to connect two big brackets to one another – complete with their respective motion units – when constructing and configuring the e.DO robot.

Dimensions: Φ 85 mm – Thickness 34,5 mm

Weight: 0.07 Kg

Materials: Composite plastic

Color: white


Made of aluminium alloy, the big bracket-to-small motion unit adapter allows you to connect a big bracket and a small motion unit in order to construct and configure your e.DO robot.

Dimensions: Φ 113 mm – Thickness 5 mm

Weight: 0.09 Kg

Materials: Aluminium alloy

Color: grey


This adapter is specifically designed to connect and secure the initial support bracket to e.DO’s hexagon base.
The base adapter is made of aluminium alloy and helps stabilize and support the e.DO robot.

Dimensions: Φ 113 mm – Thickness 5 mm

Weight: 0.09 Kg

Materials: Aluminium alloy

Color: grey

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