Upgrade Your e.DO.
Extend The Possibilities.

e.DO has the flexibility to DO lots of things, which is why we’re working closely with the e.DO community to develop tools that can make e.DO even better.

Thanks to new plug-and-play extension, e.DO can use the two-prong gripper to pick up virtually any object that falls within its speed and payload parameters. Powerful. Easy. e.DO.

Available Extensions by Comau


Pick up the Pace

Imagine asking e.DO to help you around your lab or classroom. With its new two-prong gripper, e.DO can now pick up anything from pieces to parts.
What will you ask e.DO to do?

Simply mount the fully-assembled gripper on e.DO and you’re ready to go.


Marker Holder

Ready. Steady. Write.

This easy-to-use extension allows e.DO to hold a felt-tip marker and perform “writing” operations – even on imprecise surfaces.

We love hearing about new uses for e.DO, so let us know what your e.DO is doing!


Build Your Own Extensions.

You already know that e.DO can do some amazing things. What you may not know is that we’re working closely with the e.DO Community to improve e.DO by creating new applications and extensions. So when you’re ready, we would love to see your skill and creativity at work.