How much does e.DO cost?
e.DO is available with 6 or 4 motorized axes and can do everything from executing simple pick and place movements to handling automated activities. e.DO 6 Axes costs €4,900, while e.DO 4 Axes costs €3,500 (transportations costs and VAT are not included). If you would like Comau to build and configure e.DO for you, you can purchase the optional configuration service at a cost of €500 for either model.
What is e.DO made from?
e.DO is composed of modular, interconnected parts that are made of resilient industry-grade materials, such as composite plastic, reinforced plastic with fiberglass and aluminum alloy.
What is the difference between e.DO 6 Axes and e.DO 4 Axes?
The primary difference between the 6-axis and 4-axis versions of e.DO is the number of articulated joints. e.DO 6 Axes has a total of 6 articulated axes that interface and communicate between themselves in a modular and independent manner, while e.DO 4 Axes has only 4 articulated axes (Axis 4 and Axis 6 are static). No matter which e.DO model you chose, each of its motorized units has an autonomous mechanical and electronic control that can be configured as needed by the operator. Another difference between the two versions is that with 6 articulated axis, e.DO 6 Axes can pick up, move, manipulate and rotate symmetrical and asymmetrical parts as needed to accomplish the desired task, whereas the e.DO 4 Axes version can pick up, lift and move symmetrical pieces in horizontal or vertical manner.
What is e.DO?
e.DO is a complete robot that you can build and program all by yourself. It is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the world of robotics.
What does it come with?
e.DO is available with 6 or 4 fully-motorized axes and has everything you need to build an articulated robot with integrated open-source intelligence. Just like building blocks, e.DO comes with a range of modular pieces including articulated joints, composite plastic casings, DC motors and more. Build and configure e.DO by mixing and matching its modular parts, and with the user-friendly programming interface you can control e.DO from your tablet or computer. This means that students, professionals and enthusiasts – as well as anyone curious about how robots work – can easily practice automating day-to-day activities while learning about robotics.
What can I build?
Almost anything. e.DO is modular and each of its articulated joints can be assembled in multiple ways. With e.DO, you can build a robotic arm or a guided vehicle, and you can program it to move, perform activities and complete tasks. e.DO’s user interface and underlying software platform are highly intuitive, which means that just about anyone can learn and practice programming skills. And because the entire project features an open-architecture design, e.DO is completely expandable. Users of all experience levels can add and remove axes, add or remove accessories and essentially construct e.DO as they wish. This allows both novice and advanced users to harness the power of an bonafide robot in the mode and manner that meet their needs.
How does e.DO work?
e.DO is essentially an evolutionary platform that can grow, expand and integrate with 3rd party devices and applications. As an open-source project, e.DO has a hardware and software structure designed to allow users to understand how robotics work from the inside-out and the outside-in. e.DO is not a toy. It’s a compact, IoT-enabled robot that expert users can program to perform complex applications for business or personal use. In its most basic configuration, e.DO is an articulated extension of your arm and can be programmed to pick and place objects or complete simple tasks. Advanced users can develop their own applications on top of the integrated software development kit and drive the robot to perform more sophisticated activities. On a hardware level, e.DO has an embedded Raspberry Pi controller, and its joints have a built-in circuit board. This means that each joint can be programmed independently using the external control system or, for advanced users, directly within the robot itself.
Why e.DO?
e.DO is the first product of its kind – a modular and expandable robot built by one of the world’s leading industrial automation experts. Guided by your imagination and the growing e.DO community, you can build e.DO from plug-and-play pieces and control it with the ROS-native OS. Thanks to e.DO, an infinite number of applications and experiments are possible. Unlike traditional robots that require advanced software experience to program, e.DO has a highly intuitive user interface designed to make the world of robotics accessible to anyone. And because it comes from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial robots, e.DO inherits the reliability, company know-how and performance that characterize Comau products and technologies all over the world
Who is it for?
e.DO is simple enough for a teenager to use, yet powerful enough to satisfy a certified engineer. We like to say that e.DO is both a product and a project. This is because e.DO is creating an open and modular ecosystem in which advanced robotics mingle with people of all ages and interests. Novice users will enjoy building the robot and seeing how e.DO responds to different commands. More advanced users can create, download and enhance open-source coding that is shared within the e.DO user community or program new coding directly into the robot. What’s more, e.DO’s open architecture allows it to be compatible with third-party applications and devices, giving it the intelligence and flexibility to automate real-word processes.
How can e.DO be used for education?
As an educational platform, e.DO is a hands-on, highly engaging way to integrate robotics within the classroom. e.DO allows users of all experience levels to start experimenting with robotics right out of the box. Small and affordable, e.DO is easy to assemble and control. The user-friendly control interface is designed to allow students of all ages to create, learn and play with robotics. e.DO is a real robot, run by real code and can be “taught” to do anything from rudimentary movements to industrial-like applications. Working with educators and software partners, Comau has designed activities and applications to meet the specific needs of the educational sector. Even the underlying e.DO philosophy – People Make Robotics – is highly conducive to classroom and laboratory settings. At the most basic level, students use the external controller to describe the desired activity which is then transmitted to the robot via TCP/IP. The student’s instructions are decomposed by the robot’s internal operating system and through an inverse kinematic process e.DO calculates and applies the movements required by each joint. It then controls the way the joint moves to achieve the programmed outcome. To complete the learning process, e.DO transmits real-time graphical feedback showing the angular position and acceleration of the joints, the energy consumption, the temperature and the PWM motor control. By overlapping the actual performance parameters with the intended desired activity, students can easily see what the robot can and cannot do, and use this information to test and improve their programming skills.
How can e.DO be used at home?
e.DO has everything you need to build and program your own personal robot. The complete kit comes with modular, articulated joints, composite plastic casings, DC motors, an integrated hardware and software platform and more. Build an articulated multi-axis robot, or add wheels and design a guided robotized vehicle. By changing the axis and accessories, you can essentially design and customize e.DO to best meet your needs. e.DO is lightweight, highly flexible and pretty darn cool. Crafted from resilient composite plastic, the Made-in-Italy design combines sculpted curves with rounded angles in a play of geometric synergies. Yet form and function are only part of the story. The real strength behind the e.DO project is the growing user community. Because e.DO is created from open-source hardware and software platforms, you can work together with pioneers, tech enthusiasts, developers and others to share applications and expand e.DO’s experience base. You can also take part in creative challenges, and brainstorm new ideas together with other e.DO users.
What applications can I create?
Everything from simple pick and place movements to automated activities. e.DO is a robust, Industry 4.0-enabled, multi-axis, articulated robot built upon an open-source hardware and software platform. As such, the number and type of applications you can create are virtually limitless. Imagine asking e.DO to stir your tea or pour you a drink. You could have e.DO take out the trash or feed the dog. Scientists can use e.DO to collect samples and help around the lab. Businesses can use e.DO to automate simple tasks or core activities. Clearly, e.DO can only perform activities that fall within its speed and payload parameters. But remember, e.DO is not a toy; it’s a full quality, compact robot created by Comau, one of the world’s leading automation specialists.