Live Robotics. Think Pink.

50 eDO robot per un’appassionante challenge tecnologica. 5 Role Models per discutere insieme a una platea di studenti di STEM, innovazione e competenze del futuro. Un evento unico e coinvolgente, “Live Robotics. Think Pink”. Il 19 settembre presso l’Auditorium della Tecnica a Roma si è tenuto un evento edicato alle donne, organizzato da Campus Party […]

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Comau con il nostro e.DO partecipa all’Italian Tech Week, 7 giorni per vivere il futuro

Comau con il nostro e.DO partecipa all’Italian Tech Week, 7 giorni per vivere il futuro: Incontri tra imprenditori innovativi, business angel e VC internazionali, esposizione di tecnologie per il business e per la scuola, esperienze di imprese sociali, workshop sulle professioni digitali ed eventi con i protagonisti della scena mondiale tech. Al seguente link trovi […]

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e.DO at Robot Day in the Coventry Transport Museum

To celebrate British Science Week, Comau took part in Coventry Transport Museum’s RobotDay event on Saturday, March 9. The company featured its e.DO robot, perfect for promoting STEM education, all-new MATE exoskeleton, and a virtual reality tour of the world of automation. Students of all ages had the opportunity to get hands-on with e.DO and […]

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Comau presents e.DO™ Experience

A teaching platform using the e.DO™ robot to encourage innovative methods of learning Comau Academy’s e.DO™ Experience, a new teaching platform that becomes available in January 2019, aims to provide a new, interactive and creative approach to robot-enhanced learning. It uses Comau’s e.DO robot to make teaching more innovative and stimulating in school and elsewhere. […]

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Comau presents at Macomb County AutoSTEAM Days

For the second year in a row, Comau will participate in and sponsor AutoSTEAM Days at Macomb Community College on December 5-6, 2018. This event is held to educate thousands of students, teachers, and parents about careers in manufacturing and technology. Over the course of the 2-day event, 3,000 students from grades 6 to 12 […]

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Comau’s Digital Solutions and e.DO Educational Robot visit an International Campus in China

On December 4, 2018, a lecture on “Comau Digital Innovation” was successfully held in the conference hall of the International Business School of Liverpool University. More than 300 students and teachers attended the lecture. At the meeting, Wallace Bie, Marketing Head of Comau APAC, shared the current development of China’s robotics industry with a special […]

4 December 2018 | Category: .Notizie

Comau releases e.DO™ Educational Robot in China

Shanghai Comau, the global leading company in industrial automation, launched its e.DO robot in China. e.DO is the first educational robot in the company’s history designed to help students of different ages learn both STEM and humanities subjects, as well as explore the world of robotics in a more engaging, innovative way. Mr. Yang Guilong, […]

1 December 2018 | Category: .Notizie

Comau will showcase e.DO™ and MATE at Italian Design Icons Exhibition

Italian Design Icons (IDI) is an event where technology meets design for sustainability. Comau will showcase its cutting-edge products – e.DO and MATE – at the third edition of IDI on November 17, 2018 in Shanghai. Both products have an innovative, attractive Italian design that recognizes the importance of aesthetics, but also functionality and ease of use. Following […]

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