On December 4, 2018, a lecture on “Comau Digital Innovation” was successfully held in the conference hall of the International Business School of Liverpool University. More than 300 students and teachers attended the lecture. At the meeting, Wallace Bie, Marketing Head of Comau APAC, shared the current development of China’s robotics industry with a special focus on e.DO, Comau’s educational robot, and the company’s digital innovation solutions.

Wallace Bie’s speech gave students and teachers a general understanding of the development of China’s robotics industry and also informed them of Comau’s concept of digital innovation. At the same time, it stimulated their interest in Comau robots.

Comau has been actively cooperating with universities. In October, Comau launched e.DO, its modular and open-source robot developed for educational projects. e.DO is easy to assemble and its user-friendly control interface allows students of all ages to create, learn and play with robotics. e.DO supports traditional teaching methods for a variety of subjects – including math, physics, art and computer science – while stimulating creativity and student participation. Since the product was launched, it has been widely favored by the market.

University-enterprise cooperation can not only cultivate a large amount of high-quality talent for Comau, but also enhance the internship experience of college students and help make preparations for them to enter the workplace. In the future, Comau will continue to commit to building an exchange and communication platform, stepping up to broaden the channels of cooperation, and promoting the interconnection between itself and universities.