During October 2018, Comau and its e.DO educational robot visited Shanghai Cao Yang No.2 School, one of the first municipal experimental and key boarding high schools in Shanghai. The school implemented an Italian teaching program in 2004, immersed in profound Italian culture and emotional connections. Comau brought e.DO into the Italian class and discussed the practical applications of robotics and other innovative tools in education with teachers and students.

“Comau is a global leader in providing advanced industrial automation solutions, with a strong focus on innovation. In the era of Industry 4.0, Comau continues to innovate in automation products and systems, as well as industrial robots.” Said by Mr. Kai Wei, Head of Comau Robotics and Automation Products. e.DO was presented to the class as not only an educational product, but also an open-source project.

Once students were better acquainted with the company, Mr. Xiao Jiao, Comau APAC Cooperative Partner, presented e.DO and its applications. The first step is to know the robot’s axis coordinates and position.  e.DO is based on an open-source software and hardware, which can be applied in various fields like education, science, research, home and professional use. Its modular, flexible structure enables students, teachers, pioneers, tech enthusiasts, developers and novice users to enjoy building the robot. Comau brings e.DO into the classroom, improving the students’ class participation, and providing them with the most frontier technologies in the field of educational robotics.

The visit wrapped up with the students and e.DO interacting with one another. Through the short time of learning and practice, students expressed that they learned a lot through the introduction and experiment with e.DO. One of the students said: “The introduction of basic robotics concepts help us build knowledge framework. The interactive experiments let us experience its magic and charm.”