An economic, easy to use, low-maintenance holder able to hold a felt-tip marker and elastically retract to automatically adjust when writing on imprecise surfaces


When a robot has to perform “writing” operations, the surfaces are not always flat and precise. It is therefore necessary to compensate for such inaccuracies in order to allow the robot to write correctly. The elastic deflection should be a minimum of 5 mm. Furthermore, the device should be able to quickly and easily accommodate different pens.


A first prototype was carved starting from a commercially available semifinished wood. After tests, the element was designed in a SolidWorks environment and then printed with a simple 3D printer. A simple rubber band was added to compensate inaccuracies. e.DO writer is basically a parallelepiped with a circular axial hole. The surface is designed to allow a precise grasp from a gripper by means of two slots. Two integrated pins are provided in order to secure the elastic band. The pen can be easily inserted and substituted. e.DO writer is designed to be primarily used within an educational environment to support didactical programs and exercises.


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