The Virtual e.DO Light project aims to give the Comau e.DO community additional tools for simulation and control of the e.DO robot. Purpose of the project is to provide light and easy resources for beginner users, as well as a powerful framework for advanced ones.

It came with a dynamic model for the V-Rep simulation environment, where e.DO can be easily visualized and programmed. A wide set of features such as kinematics, dynamics, trajectory generation, Motion Planning and obstacle avoidance are explained with demonstration scenes provided in this project.

Integration with the Leap Motion device allows to control the e.DO robot directly with your arm and hands gestures.

A Matlab configuration script is also available to model e.DO within the Matlab Robotics and Vision toolbox.

Finally Virtual e.DO Light provides Java and Python API to develop your own advanced robotics applications.

All resources are available at:


The standard Virtual e.DO software is a quite heavy package that has some major disadvantages: – It requires a lot of computational resources to run inside a dedicated Virtual Machine. – It is not ideal for beginner users, as knowledge and experience with Linux OS, ROS, VirtualBox is required to run and use the system. – No integration with other technologies and programming languages is provided. – And in general some lack of functionalities and examples. Virtual e.Do Light has been designed to solve these limitations!


Getting Started: All resources and instructions are available at: To start with Virtual e.DO Light just download the V-Rep simulation environment ( available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.



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