The Project

e.DO Evolution

Simple enough for a teenager to use, yet powerful enough to satisfy a certified engineer, e.DO is both a product and a project.

As a product

e.DO is an extension of Comau’s streadfast commitment to open robotics with a user-friendly interface that lets almost anyone program e.DO from a tablet computer while learning about robotics.

As a project

e.DO’s open and modular ecosystem encourages makers and enthusiasts to create innovative applications and devices that help e.DO automate real-world processes.

e.DO also became a core element of several innovative learning projects created by Comau in collaboration with schools, institutions and foundations. Not surprisingly, e.DO proved to be a hands-on, highly engaging way to integrate robotics within the classroom. Following the initial success of the educational project, Comau expanded the offer to include six different experiences aimed at enabling teachers, professionals, young people and even families to learn and explore with e.DO.

If you are interested in using e.DO for training and teaching


This e.DO educational platform is based on an interdisciplinary approach to learning that favors cognitive, amotional and sensory involvement. Designed to integrate and consolidate key skill areas, it allows students and adults to intuitively learn even the most complex curricular subjects as part of a fun and effective e.DO Experience.