e.DO The Robot
This is e.DO

e.DO is an open-source articulated robot that can pick up any object and run any application that falls within its speed and payload parameters.
Available as a “build it yourself” kit for enthusiasts, as part of an educational package for academics or as an infotainment kiosk for museums and event centers, e.DO is ready to help you explore and expand the world of robotics.

Build your own e.DO

e.DO comes with everything needed to construct a multi-axis articulated robot with integrated open-source intelligence.
Available with 6 motorized axes and a maximum payload of 1 kg, e.DO can do everything from executing simple pick and place movements to handling automated activities.

In the classroom or at an event, e.DO can help deliver a hands-on experience that encourages participation, cooperation and inclusion among participants. The modular and flexible design of e.DO allows schools and organizations to tailor their e.DO Experience based on the location, the event, the lerning objectives and the size of the audience.

If you are interested in using e.DO for training and teaching


What can you do with e.DO?

Almost everything!

e.DO combines the underlying technology expertise of Comau – a leading industrial automation company – with a comprehensive open-source philosophy. Externally, e.DO can be enhanced with user-developed accessories and configurations. Internally, e.DO’s ROS-native, open-source control logic gives users complete freedom to create and execute their own programs and applications.

As an innovative learning tool, e.DO can integrate and consolidate key skill areas including, Robotics, STEM subjects, cooperation, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity and other Soft Skills.

  • Key Features

  • 6-axis articulated robot based on an open source hardware and software architecture.
  • Facilitates a pragmatic approach in learning disciplines and strengthens cross-disciplinary competences.
  • Kit includes motion units composed of DC motors, composite plastic casings, and a base unit with integrated memory and control logic.
  • Fully-equipped e.DO learning labs, kiosks and event formats are available.
  • Modular, flexible structure supports personalized configuration.

An Open Platform

Because e.DO is run with the Robot Operating System (, robot enthusiasts can program e.DO with a wide range of languages such as C/C++, python, Java and interact with any hardware or software component that is ROS compatible.

ROS is also used by students of all ages – from kids interacting with robots in museum exhibits to graduate students learning about the latest solutions to common robotics problems.

Hardware and Software Architecture

Inside the sleek hexagon case, e.DO contains a Raspberry Pi motherboard while its Operating System is based on Linux.

The e.DO development environment allows advanced users to directly enter and enhance the embedded control system, which gives e.DO the intelligence and flexibility to achieve complex movements, perform advanced sequences and automate real-word processes.


e.DO is considered a “machine” as defined by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and a “Personal Care Robot” as set out in the EN ISO 13482:2014 standard. This means that e.DO can be safely used without fences by anyone over 14 years old.

In the Box


  • 1 Hexagon reinforced plastic/fiberglass base
  • 3 Big motion units (max speed 38 deg/s, static torque 17.9Nm)
  • 3 Small motion units (max speed 56 deg/s, static torque 2.75Nm)
  • 4 Big plastic brackets and 2 small plastic brackets
  • 1 Big bracket-to-small motion unit adapter
  • 1 Big bracket-to-big bracket adapter
  • 1 Base adapter
  • Cables
  • Universal external power source with 12V power adapter
  • Fully integrated Raspberry Pi motherboard (Raspbian Jessie 8.0)
  • Integrated SD memory card with pre-installed ISO and e.DO Control Logic
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Get started manual